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CouncilRM™ was created by JayThom in response to the challenges faced by Australian local government. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM platform means CouncilRM™ is an easy and affordable way of customising the way your particular council manages public records and offers better public service. With input from council officials and industry leaders, CouncilRM™ is a fully integrated solution to other internal council systems, providing a more consistent and interactive community experience.

As an award winning CRM solution dedicated to the public sector, specifically Australian local government, CouncilRM™ ensures efficiency, reliability and manageability in all aspects of the community.

From your familiar Outlook environment, CouncilRM™ enables local councils to better manage relationships and communications with community leaders, ratepayers, young and elderly citizens, volunteers, politicians and visitors, to name just a few. As well as administering customer requests, delivering timely SMS alerts, and quickly accessing community leaders for roundtable discussions.

  • Community Relationship Management
  • Customer Services
  • Community Bookings
  • Kinder Enrolment
  • Events and Communications Management
  • Volunteer Management & Home/Aged Care
  • Family Services
  • Grant Management
  • Asset Management
  • SMS Messaging
  • Youth Services
  • Animal Pound
  • Community Business
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